Innovate faster than your CUSTOMERS

Innovate faster than your CUSTOMERS
Today on the walk-in and ride-up the elevator I discussed what I thought would turn into a brilliant and valuable discussion regarding the focus of having a CRM in our businesses product offering. It was fruitful but it dawned on me, to pivot and transform a companies culture is hard BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

This article helps provide an overview of Customer-Centric software development methodologies and tools that will help you innovate faster than your CUSTOMERS.
Why would we not want to put a CRM at the epicenter of our product offering? Why not leverage strategies that make us a Customer-Centric Company?
If you've ever asked the questions above then you are on your way! Over 9200+ businesses use Salesforce. The most complete solutions/products/software etc available have a CRM integration (or some concept of customer-centric inputs/outputs). Below are five (among many others) influential tenants of Customer-Centric teams.
  • Lean Agile
  • Use Cases
  • Latent Code / Feature Flags
  • Multi-tenant / SaaS
  • Telemetry / Metrics
Telemetry is the glue. Simply put we can't measure how effective the application is without data points and collective usage metrics. Metrics help identify opportunities to scale (very important in a multi-tenant / SaaS solution. We can't evaluate a feature after it's been enabled via Feature Flags/Latent Code without relying upon metrics/feedback.

Use Cases from the customer. "Unfortunately, most companies are teaching sales people all about the product, but they're not teaching the sales people how customers use the products." Everything a team produces (via Lean Agile/Scrum) should be based upon how the customer will use the product.

In closing, at the heart of team is your CUSTOMER. Your product should be for your CUSTOMER. Products that don't change to focus on their customers will become the way of the dinosaur.

As always, if you are interested in more details, please contact me: seanhogg ( at ) incuprise (dot) com.